Getting started with Android: Create a GiftShare Account

As easy as it can get. You only need 3 things: E-mail address, password and the name for display. It takes less than one minute to create the account and you are good to go!

Once you login, GiftShare will remember your account and will take you straight to your lists next time you open it.

Login screen



Check your lists

Right from the start you get a view to your gift lists. You have two views to select: 1) Lists view 2) All gifts view. All gifts view contains every gift from all of your lists. As a list creator, you can edit the lists: rename your lists, remove them, add new gifts and invite new people. Everybody can see who else is participating to a list.


Lists view in Android Gift list in iPhone List details



Make a list

Creating a list of gifts is easy: You come up with a list name, a date, a list of gifts and a list of e-mail addresses to whom you are sending the invitation. As soon as you hit Create-button, list is created and invitations are sent.

Don't remember the e-mail addresses of your friends? You can get them also from your phone's contact list and from your previous invitations.









New List



Got invited?

You got the E-mail? Well, then you have two options, either you have GiftShare app or don’t. If you have, you will see the invitation in your app. If you don’t... You have to go and get it from Google Play.

If you have the app, you will see the invitation once you open the app. If you open the Menu from your device, you can select the Received invitations and see your invitations there.







What should I answer?

If you want to participate, go ahead and tap Accept. You will see the list immediately in your Lists view.
If you don’t want to participate, just tap the Reject-button. Don’t worry, inviter does not see your rejection and you can still be friends.









Do the shopping

When you select a gift from the list, you can acquire it, if nobody else has acquired it before you. You can also leave a message for other participants. Remember to push Save to save any changes you make.





That’s it!

We hope you have a good time with GiftShare. Remember to contact us at in case of any support issues. 

Available in Android Market

GiftShare for Android